ELCatalog Multi-Degreaser - 500 ML

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Broad applicability alkaline detergent
. In automatic car wash installations it can be used as foam, shampoo or with a brush cleaner
. Effective for cleaning rims, engine bays, undercarriages, etc
. Removes all types of dirt including grease, oils, brake dust & road grime

Directions of use:
. Prediluted ready-to-use formula
. Spray it evenly on the surface to be cleaned, let it soak for a few minutes, you can use a cleaning brush to remove tough dirt
. Rinse with water
Anionic surfactants 5%-15%, non-ionic surfactants <5%, amphoteric surfactant 5%-15% & water


  • All - Car
  • All - Marine
  • All - Motorcycle
  • All - Truck
  • Marine - Marine

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