ILOCK Extension Cord – Cable Length 20 METERS - ILOCK-CALBE CONNECTION-20M

Sale priceLE 856.63


  • Electrical extension cable 20 meters - 16 amps / 3500 watts
  • Extension wire 2*1 mm (32 hairs per individual)
  • Holds a European and Egyptian patent.
  • Made of the highest quality materials to withstand different environmental conditions.
  • The secondary plug locks the male plug and prevents it from coming out, thus preventing a short circuit or power outage.
  • The male plug is cooked with wire and waterproof
  • Trammel and copper connectors
  • The ideal solution for use with all electrical tools and equipment in workshops, factories, construction sites and homes.

Ease of use as you can get amazing holding power by.
1- Insert the male plug
2-Move the rotating ring

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